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Delivering Farm and Auto INsurance in White Lake, SD

Who We Are:

We’re an independently owned and operated agency and we deliver comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions in White Lake, South Dakota and throughout Southeastern South Dakota.  We’ve served individuals, families, and businesses for almost 30 years and we’re dedicated to giving each client the best experience.  We work closely with clients to find the right solutions and we support clients throughout the lives policies.  As a result, clients stay protected for the right prices and get the most value.

What We Offer:

We offer a wide variety of insurance programs that meet almost any personal and/or commercial need.  We work with farms, small businesses, and individuals a lot, but we can serve anyone or any enterprise.   Our farm program has coverages that provide a core of protection and additional coverages can be added to any policy and/or package that is written through this program.  Additional coverages make solutions complete, and this is important for anyone and any business.  Our business program is identical to our farm program in how extensive its selection of coverages is and how extra coverages can be added to any policy and/or packages that is written through this program.


Our home, auto, and life programs are broad and can secure any homeowner and/or driver.  These programs are fully adaptable and can be tailored to suit your needs.  If saving money on your home and auto insurance interests you, can combine polices from our home and auto insurance programs.  This not only saves you money but it makes extended coverage options available in some cases.  See our home & auto page and/or speak with an agent to learn more.

Community Involvement and Our Approach:

We’re members of the White Lake Commercial Club, through which we help put on soup suppers, game feeds, street dances, and parades.  We also support local schools and are active in their events.  As a result, we celebrate the communities we serve and help make these communities better places to live and work.  In doing so, we become better insurers.


We assess clients’ needs and meet these needs with coverages and policies that are the best fit.  We provide services that augment the policies we write and these services add value.  We manage risk and claims, monitor policies regularly, and are fully available.  This way, clients are always supported and clients can reach us whenever and however they need to reach us.  All of our agents are local and take great pride in helping people.  So, each agent delivers products and services as if he or she were delivering products and services to family members and friends.


Please contact us or give us a call to learn more or get started. You can also request a quote.


The Krohmer Agency is proud to provide insurance and risk management solutions in Wessington Springs, Plankinton, White Lake, Stickney, Mount Vernon, and Woonsocket, SD.  We also serve other areas in the state.

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